Monday, February 23, 2009

The Brookland Listserve

Just ain't what it used to be...

Calling all listserver participants! I know there are now multiple listserves that meet the needs of the Brookland Community. It seems the main list serve has evolved (devolved) into primarily a forum for 'political' discourse. Traffic seems to be noticeably down just based on responses and residects to the Brookland Blog. So, I'm asking you all for a favor.

Can you please put out a call for comments, participation and or intrest in the various Brookland-based list serves you may participate in? I know there is a GLBT, Brookland Moms and perhaps others. To assist you, here's a message you can cut and paste if you so choose.

Fellow Brooklanders,

It's that time of the year again to think about Spring and Spring Cleaning. Of course the best way to get rid of your unwanted items is to join in the 2nd Annual Great Brookland Yard Sale (GBYS). As with last year, this is a voluntary, neighborhood wide event to host a series of coordinated yard sales that maximize sales potential, gets people into Brookland and promotes our community as a positive place to live and visit. Planners are currently surveying residents to pick a date for this event. You can take the survey and keep up to date on developments at Please take a moment to check it out.

Thanks to all for spread the good word.


dailyalbedo said...

Not sure how to actually join the blog, or even respond. Nonetheless, I'll add a comment about Brookland community news. Great new restaurant IDEA at San Antonio, taking the place of Kelly's Ellis Island. Very unfortunate execution, foodwise, though the physical experience of the space is great.

I'm curious about others' impressions, mine were fairly strongly negative, but I'd love to hear of better impressions. I'm not a foodie fanatic, I just like decent (ok,good) food. At least what I've found at El Tamarindo, or for that matter, at Taco Bell. San Antonio is no better than Taco Bell, excepting the liquor license.

BrooklandJess said...

I'll share on Brookland_kids (dads and moms!)... let me know if you get more response.

TreeHugger said...

If not too late, I say - go for it! we participated last year and will do so again and thought it was a great idea!!

Johanna and Warren
15th and Lawrence

Anonymous said...

Not a Brookland resident - but will be seling a home on behalf of Brookland resident soon and need to downsize his personal effects. Anyone interested in taking a look at some brand new appliances for resale and some used, possibly antique furniture (e.g., 4 poster mahogany bed frame, with matching dresser, chest of crawers, etc., leave your contact info and schedule a visit to make a bid. No reasonable offers refused.