Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What if it rains on Saturday?

The weather seems content to keep us guessing up until the last minute.

Per the weather channel this morning, there is an overall 60% chance of thunder storms on Saturday. But the good news is that Thunderstorms usually hit in the late afternoon or evenings.

The daytime forecast for Saturday is only a 40% chance of rain which increased to 60% later in the evening. So we will just have to keep an eye on the sky and this blog for updates!

On Saturday morning we will take a look at the data available and make a go or no go decision based on the local radar and other available info. So before you start setting up your sale, check here to see what the over all status is.

In case of rain:

If it does rain on Saturday and the yard sales are cancelled, Sunday has been scheduled as a back up day. Participation on Sunday, due to mothers day, won't likely be as high, but we can only play the hand we are dealt.

So check here for updates before you start to set up!

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