Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Get Ready, Get Set....

Brookland is scrubbed and ready!

Neighbors, a quick comment to say how great Brookland looks thanks for the efforts of Rachel and her army of volunteers. Great job! As we hit the countdown to the 3rd Annual GBYS, here are a few things to keep in mind.

First, we are marketing the yard sale in the following publications:
1) The City Paper (On line and in Print)
2) This weeks Washington Post and Express (Weds - Saturday)
3) Craig's List

Our efforts have also been picked up by local blogs. Of course, this doesn't garuantee that any of us will sell all that we want to sell or that folks will folk to Brookland, but it does put us on their radar screens.

Remember the best marketing is word of mouth. So please tell you friends, co-workers, fellow congregants and others about the GBYS!

Maximizing Your Sale

Remember, the yard sale map lists all sales and printed copies will be delivered this week by our sponsor the Mekiti group. If you submitted you name after April 23rd, you'll be on the on-line map and not on the printed map.

But all yard sales should remember that signage, balloons or other appropriate markers will help shoppers find their sale from the main routes through Brookland. So make sure to help customers find you sale. (And please remember to clean up your signs after the event).

Good Luck!

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