Sunday, April 18, 2010

Making the most of the GBYS 2010!

What we are doing, what you can do.

If there is one great way to promote a yard sale it is by word of mouth. Folks you know, work with or organizations you belong to are great ways to get the word out about the Great Brookland Yard Sale.

One of the neat things about our event is that it is loosely organized and you are free to take whatever actions you feel appropriate to promote your individual yard sale. We will focus on promoting the community wide event, putting together the online yard sale map and getting a printed version of it completed for everyone to have on hand on the big day.

What We Will Do:
1) Outreach to local area blogs to promote the GBYS and the Brookland Area
2) Outreach for free press and paid advertising in DC area local papers.
3) Send invitation letters to local churches and their members to visit us for the GBYS.
4) Advertise, as appropriate (and affordable) in Washington Post, other papers.

What you can do:
1) Tell your friends, family and co-workers about the GBYS and the Brookland Blog.
2) Post a flyer in your office (Flyer to follow!)
3) Put a free add about your individual yard sale on Craigslist.
4) Take out your own add in the post or other publication.
5) On the day of the event, place signage to direct traffic to your sales.

It’s that easy. Working in tandem we can make sure that we get good attendance and each of you has the ability and tools to maximize the information about your individual sales for potential shoppers. So let’s get going Brookland!


Rob Keithan said...

Our household is excited to both participate and promote it. How do we get our sale listed on the map?

Andrew said...


Send me your address and any items you want to feature and I can add you to the yard sale map. Unfortunately, the printed map has already gone to press, so you will be listed on the online version only. But since there are many sales throughout Brookland, you should be just fine. Send you info to