Thursday, May 22, 2008

Better Brookland Development Group

Taking on the BSAP

Last night, Tuesday, 5/20/08, about thirty people met at St. Anthony’s cafeteria according to Brooklander John Freely.

They formed an adhoc group to address the Office of Planning’s final draft of the Brookland/ CUA Metro Small Area Plan.

The grou is calling themselves the Better Brookland Development Group. Their first action was to draft the following statement:

"We, the undersigned, are dissatisfied with the final draft of the Brookland Metro Small Area Plan (issued April 26, 2008)."

The BBDG wants to see a truly open community based discussion of the final draft plan. This would require an open ended comment period, longer than the thirty days suggested by the Office of Planning. It would require more and better outreach to community meetings by the Office of Planning.”

If you support this statement, join them this coming Tuesday, May 27, at 7:00 PM in the same location, 3400 12th Street, NE, near 12th and Lawrence Street. The BBDG will make further plans to insure full community input and continue to talk to our neighbors about the broad implications of the Brookland Metro Small Area Plan.

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Anonymous said...

fellow brookland resident

just discovered your blog. (great musings!)

a.) any updates on how this mtg went?
b.) do you know how to get on the brookland listserve?

(vikrum DOT aiyer AT yahoo dot com)