Wednesday, May 21, 2008

BSAP in the Post

More on the BSAP

Ok, they dazzle with the clock tower, but the rest of the details are slim. The plus side is that Brookland is in the papers.


johnjfeeleyjr said...

I agree completely. Come to the next meeting of the Better Brookland Development Group on Tuesday, May 27, at 7:00 PM in St. Anthony's cafetria, 3400 12th street, NE. - John Feeley, 202 526 8754

Anonymous said...

i have just discovered the brookland blog after reading today (16 august 2008) two articles by jenny johnson in DCNORTH about development in brookland (the BSAP) and of the soldiers and airmans home. i'm a founding member of the mcmillan park association, trying for years to keep the mcmillan sand filtration site across north capital street from our homes, from becoming another strip mall or whatever. reading ms. johnson's articles, and seeing your blog, it becomes clear that our government has no clear goals in development of this greater area, and it appears to be a hodge-podge of greed running the show. we fought harry thomas senior for years to convince him that we did NOT want development of mcmillan, challenged him in the council and in the press to over-ride his baseless comments that the local community wanted development of the site. we, the community, never met those persons, and we talked to everyone. apparently something similar is being foisted on brookland by harry junior. i support your efforts to challenge this apparently senseless development, to either leave things alone or put some sense in the development, and as the soldiers and airmans home development catastrophe blossoms, we in this stronghold neighborhood and you in brookland will be linked by the spreading tentacles of a development menace, but for the time being we're all islands in a lovely wooded residential area of washington which i've always thought was among the most livable and pleasant. i hope to keep it that way. thank you, wonderful blog, i'll return to view soon. kirby vining, unit block of franklin st. ne.