Sunday, May 11, 2008

We're Back!

Post Yard Sale Pause

Team Brookland. Kudos again for the most excellent job on the First ever Great Brookland Yard Sale.
I've been on the road for work the past few weeks, leading to a lack of blog activity. But I'm back and turning attention to new ways and events to promote Brookland.

Another big thank you to those of you who provide feedback. In short what we found were those that took the step of providing additional information about their yard sale, posted signs directing folks to their sale area, did better than those who did less marketing of there personal yard sale.

Even thought I my sale was the only one on the my block, we got significant traffic and sold about 80% of the items we had put out.

Anyway, there seemed to be enough interest in doing this again next year. So stay tuned.

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