Monday, April 13, 2009

Earth Day Sack Lunch - If that's your bag!


Some of our environmentally conscious neighbors are hosting a picnic to raise awareness of the hazardous cargo that often rattles through our nieghborhood on the train tracks!

JOIN US! for BYO food & drink, croquet, frisbee-tossing & other Earth Day fun.

Bring your cameras & photo-document the hazardous cargoes that move along the RR tracks over a 6-hour period.

HEAR from:JIM DOUGHERTY (Sierra Club), RICK HIND (Greenpeace) & FRED MILLAR (Friends of the Earth) about the hazards associated with the ultrahazardous rail cargoes that move through the neighborhood -- and what we can do about it. ROBIN BUCK about the proposed development of MCMILLAN PARK. JERRY PELOQUIN & the GREATER BROOKLAND COALITION about the hyperdevelopment proposals that threaten the neighborhood. WHERE: Ninth Street Park - just below Colonel Brooks, along the RR tracks (9th & Kearney)WHEN: Earth Day ~ Saturday, April 18th, 10 am - 4 pm (rain date: April 19th)WHAT: Mostly fun & good conversation

On a personal note, growing up in rural Michigan I had friends who had to evacute their house for a MONTH, when a train carrying toxic chemicals derailed more than a mile away from their home, and that was in the country!

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