Monday, April 6, 2009

Marketing Update

Getting the Word Out...

Over the weekend outreach began to ensure the promotion of the the GBYS. Getting the word out and building excitement helps draw people to our event and timing is everything. To date we've taken the following steps to promote the yard sale:

1) Submitted a request to be placedon WTOP's Funformation Calendar. Last year, this was a very effective marketing tool, in addition to being on their online calendar, they did several on air announcments the weekend of the event. When the item gets posted, I'll provide a link.
2) Local blog outreach including: What's On, Washington, We Love DC and other blogs.

There is way more to come. As with last year, we will run ads in the city paper, craigslist, and other appropriate forums. Also, as with last year, we will mail invitation kits to local churches.
Feel free to share any ideas.


The Menkiti Group said...

We'd be happy to get something in the Hill Rag and DC North.

The Menkiti Group would also be willing to sponsor the color maps like we did last year!

We could also destribute promotional flyers with a preliminary map at local businesses and libraries.

Andrew said...

Thanks Guys!

Sorry I missed you email before...We welcome your support!