Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Marketing Update

Invitations Mailed

Thanks to the help of your neighbor Gloria, this week we mailed out personal invitation letters to more than 15 local area congregations. The letters invited local pastors to post a flier about the GBYS and included draft announcement language for the church bulletin. As reported earlier we are also on the WTOP Funformation Calendar and will be placing classifieds (both print and on line) as we get closer to the event. 

For more information on who the yard sale is being marketed and what you can do to help ensure your sale is successful, please read this


djnolan said...

Hi, I'd like to register my yard sale. How do I do it? thanks


Andrew said...

David, browse the blog there is a posting on how to get involved in the yard sale. Basically, email me you r address, hours of sale and any big ticket items.
My email is in the profile.