Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Marketing Update!

GBYS - City Calendar, We Love DC Blog

Just a quick update that the GBYS is listed on DC's citywide activities calendar, which you can view here. In addition, the We Love DC Blog has a very nice piece about the yard sale and Brookland in general. The GBYS has also appeared in the Brookland Heartbeat. Tonight I'll be meeting with the Brookland Civic Assoication to promote the event and to do outreach to those who preferr their social interaction to be real versus via internet. Oh yeah, and we are in the process of sending personal invitations to more than 20 congregations in the greater Brookland area.

We're just getting started!

Also, keep in mind that this outreach is promoting the overall yard sale day, not individual sales. Make your you ask yourself -

"How do I make sure my sale stands out among the more than 40 yard sales that day?"

The answer:

  • Submit a short list of your hot items to include on the yard sale map.
  • Take a FREE ad out on Craigslist (the Weds. before the sale) to promote you individual yard slae
  • Make sure you put up signage to direct traffice to your sale.
  • Tell anyone and everyone you know about the GBYS!

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