Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Marketing Begins

City Paper Ad

As the yard sale date approaches, we are starting to roll out promotions. Starting today and for the next three weeks the ad below will be in the DC City Paper (April 16th print edition) and on their website.
As in years past we will hit up a variety of affordable and effective channels to get the word out. (City Paper, Craigs List, Etc).

Keep in mind that as this is a crowdsourced event, any Brooklander should feel free to take out similar ads in the Post or other appropriate forums!

City Paper Ad:

Neighborhood: Brookland/Catholic University

3rd Annual Great Brookland Yard Sale!

Your friends in Brookland invite you to the 3rd Annual Great Brookland Yard Sale!

The sale will take place on Saturday, May 8, 2010 with dozens of sales at homes across Brookland. A great opportunity to enjoy an interesting neighborhood and shop for all sorts of bargains.

Maps, hours and additional information are available at the yard sale website at


Anonymous said...

So where does one sign up for the yard Sale?
Link, email address? Want to put my location on the "Map".

Anonymous said...

Please let me know how one signs up for the Brookland yard Sale and gets placed on the map. Email: