Sunday, March 30, 2008


Make your yard sale stand out!

With 31 yard sales and counting, shoppers will have a range of choices when they come to Brookland on April 19th. Want to increase your chances of connecting to potential shoppers?

The best way to attract eager shoppers for your gently used items is to market your sale. In other words, to tell your "Yard Sale Story".

Here's how:

  • Make a list of your big ticket or unique sale items
    Take some digital pictures of these items
  • Write up a short list or description or your yard sale, include information about your life in Brookland to personalize it.
  • Email your photos, list of items or 'yard sale story' to me at
  • I'll post them to the blog, then link your story to the yard sale google map! (Note: your story may be edited for space or appropriateness)

Remember, all this technology is not a substitute for all of our collective efforts in getting the word out. But a yard sale story is a great way to distinguish you sale from all the others!

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