Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Still Time to Sign Up

Help Us Make it 20 or More!

Still on the fence? Don't be, all indications point to a successful yard sale event.
There's still time to sign up for the Great Brookland Yard Sale. We've been picking up momentum all week and interest is growing. As to today here's where planning stands:

  • More than 14 yard sale locations have signed up with 19 families participating.
  • Local blogs including Stop-Blog and Roll, Best of Washington, DC and Historic Brookland have posted info on the event.
  • Press releases have gone out to Brookland Heartbeat, DC's City Events Calendar and the Washington Post Events Calendar.
  • An ad has been placed on DC Craig's list.
Join your neighbors on April 19th. Get rid of your clutter, make some money and help showcase one of DC's best neighborhoods!


TreeHugger said...


As we get closer, can you list some of the larger a/o more unusual items on the Craigs List ad? For example, we are going to put out our kite surfing gear so I'd love to have that in the ad. I also wonder whether Vinnie might have some art that would attract people and should be highlighted.

Andrew said...

We can do that. We can also:

Have you write up a short peice on your yard sale and email it to me with pictures. I'll feature it on this blog!

Send in a short list of items and I can list them on the pop up window of the yard sale map. (Which I've just done for you).