Saturday, March 22, 2008

Time to Sign Up!

There's been lot's of talk, but the time has come for action. The date is set, St. Anthony's is on board and we are ready to start signing people up for the 1st-ever, Great Brookland Yard Sale!

The sale will be on Saturday, April 19th, 2008
(Sunday the 20th for the rain date)

The time of the sale will be from 10AM until 4PM

Want to participate?

Please send in your name, address and time of sale (if different than the 10 am to 4pm default times) to Andrew Fortin at

We will use that information to create a printable map of all participants. The map will be posted to the listserve so all participants can print it up and have it available at each location. We'll also create a dynamic map you can access on the links on the upper left.

Additionally, we'll be posting a flier later this week you can print up and handout to friends, family, co-workers, your church, support group or what have you. The planning committee will be sending notices to local media, blogs and will put up a posting on craigslist.

This is a great opportunity not only to showcase Brookland, but to clean out some of that clutter...and perhaps for each of us to make a little $.

To be included on the printable map, please sign up by MARCH 29TH. You can always sign up after that date, but you'll only be included on the blog map.

If you have any questions, email them to us as well or post them in comments.

As a way to use this event to get to know our neighbors a little better, you can also write a brief story about yourself and your sale and we will post it here. Pictures welcome.

Looking forward to a fun event!

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Vicki said...

1240 Perry St NE is looking forward for the big day. Some items that we are selling will include:
BARBIE POWER WHEELS and assorted toys, cash register, kareoke, telephone, mega dolls.
Girl clothing size 4-12y, lots of shoes, coats, jackets boots.
Tallboy dresser
Antique hutch
leather chairs
sport equipment
BAR ITEMS: mirrors, glasses, can openers, cork screws, neon, posters.