Friday, March 28, 2008

Let's Get the Word Out!

Post them signs!

OK Team Brookland, we're three weeks out from the Yard Sale. Time to get the word out.
As posted below, the planning committee has been working to post ads in local press, get the word out on local blogs and we've even developed a flier to post at work, at church, or in businesses across the region.
Our success depends on each of us taking small steps to get the word out.

Please take some time this weekend to distribute the Great Brookland Yard Sale Flier to local churches, businesses, civic groups or hand out to coworkers or post on work activity boards.
Today I was on Capitol Hill for some meetings. I posted the flier on the activity bulletin board outside the House Cafeteria in the Rayburn Building (See picture above). The Hill is full of hard working and underpaid young people would love probably love to get some good deals at our event.

So download the flier and make a commitment to get it posted in a nearby business or pass it on to at least three people over the weekend. The flier may be downloaded here. If that link doesn't work, email me at and I'll email it to you. It may also be found in the "Files" section of the Brookland Yahoo group in the "Great Brookland Yard Sale" folder.
Also, if you let us know where you posted the flier, I'll add it to the Yard Sale Map by making it with a light blue push pin. Take a picture of the posting with your cell phone and we'll show it on the blog!

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