Sunday, April 13, 2008

Attention Brookland Shoppers!

How to make the most of your visit to Brookland

45 yard sales is a lot to choose from, so how can all you potential shoppers make the most of your visit to the Great Brookland Yard Sale? It easy. 

You can check out the yard sale map on the left. Some yard sales have provided a partial listing of the items they have for sale. All locations will have maps to distribute, so if you pick one location, you can get a map of all the yard sales scheduled that day. Better yet, you can click on the map to the left and print it up. It will provide you a list of all the yard sales and include details for each sale (where provided). 

What are you waiting for? Set your clocks and come to Brookland next Saturday...We can't wait to show you our neighborhood. 

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Ken said...

For the early bird shoppers, Chris, Ken, Marcia, and David's Garage and Yard Sale will be open by 9:00 am Saturday. We are located at 1218 Kearney St. NE literally in our garage and back yard. So, be sure to come on back. Look for the flags and balloons. Some of our items include a six-string guitar, Nats and Postal Service memorabilia, SOHO supplies, Cow collectibles, assorted electronics, and lots of gift and Christmas items. We are pricing to sell, so bring plenty of Georges, Abes, and Alexanders!