Monday, April 7, 2008

Make a List

Check it twice..

Despite the lack of creativity in today's headline, some good advice as your prepare for your yard sale on April 19th. With more than forty (FORTY!) yard sales scheduled to take place across Brookland, you'll want to make sure your yard sale stands out, or at least, those looking for the items you have for sale can find you. Listing your items can help do just that!

The google map of the yard sale allows us to link your yard sale location with stories here on the Brooklandblog. Check out my house (1254 Irving Street, NE). You can click on a link that takes you to a slide show about some of my big-ticket items. If you develop a short bullet point list of items (as many of you have) we can add it to you map locations or link it back to the blog to provide more information about your sale. If you send in 4 or 5 digital pictures, we'll even put together a short slide show for you.

So don't delay, make a list and send it in so your yard sale stands out. send to (Subject: Yard Sale List)

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