Saturday, April 19, 2008

Good Traffic, Nice Weather


We're getting positive reports from almost every quarter of Brookland that traffic is good and folks are in a shopping mood. 

A couple of early 'lessons learned"-  

Yard sales with "Yard Sale Stories" or posted info on what was for sale got good traffic.
Yard sales on the eastern end of Brookland, farther from the 12th/13th street core, are seeing less traffic. 
Everyone did a great job of getting the word out. WTOP was even running short info blurbs about the sale this morning.
Yard sale shoppers LOVED the maps. 

More to come and don't forget the Ice Cream Social tomorrow at Our Saviour! ALL ARE WELCOME (Please bring some ice cream!)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU for everything you did. More than getting rid of some stuff we needed to get out of our crowded house, we enjoyed meeting all our neighbors. I loved seeing foot traffic on 12th, and hope that our local businesses saw some additional customers as well!