Sunday, April 20, 2008

Post Yard Sale Thank You & Survey

Great Job Team Brookland

The Great Brookland Yard Sale was an impressive showing for our first attempt at such an event. 50 plus yard sales, 4 open houses, 3 church events and a whole lot of neighbors & visitors milling about on the nicest day of the year so far. 

A big round of applause to the planning volunteers: Summer, Sam T., Sam R, Chris, and Jenny. 

Shout outs to Stop, Blog and Roll, Best of Brookland & Prince of Pentworth for helping get the word out. 


We've gotten mixed feedback from various participants on the level of traffic and success of various sales. Here on Irving, we had a great sale - selling close to 80% of what we put out. Other areas reported light traffic. Of course there are lots of variables involved too like merchandise for sale, pricing, signage, etc.  We'd like to know your thoughts. If you could please take a minute or two to share your thoughts, it will help us (or others) make the next community event even more successful.  Please email your thoughts to

Specifically, we'd like your thoughts on the following questions:

1) Did you enjoy the Great Brookland Yard Sale?

2) How was your sale? Did you get good traffic?

3) Did you provide any pre-sale information such as a yard sale story or a list of items for sale to include on the yard sale map?

4) Did you put up any signs to direct people to your sale? 

5) Do you think we should hold a Great Brookland Yard Sale 2009? 

Again, any feedback you can provide would be great, we'd also love to hear from shoppers about their experience as well. 

Again, you can email your comments to or simply add them to the comment section here.

Thanks for participating!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

1) Very much. Got to meet a great number of neighbors, and sell some things I've been trying to get out of the house. (And can you order up that weather again??)

2) Lots of stuff to sell. Sold a lot. Still more to go.

3) No.

4) Yes. And I think it helped with traffic

5) Absolutely!

And now my unsolicited advise: a) we need to figure out how to get the PR REALLY out there. I know ya'll did everything possible. So my challenge doesn't have an answer.
b) I would suggest that next year Col Brooks, Cardinal, and Library, Ritas etc offer 10% off food purchases with a GBYS flier. Then its about the whole neighborhood too!
c) Is there a way to coordinate with the Monastary bulb sale? I think that would help?

Sign me up for planning committee next year. I figure if I have "advice", I should put forth some help too.

And THANK YOU ANDREW AND TEAM. You guys put a great deal of heart and effort towards this. It is people like you that make me proud to live in Brookland.