Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Marketing Update

Marketing to Date:

Just another update on how we're getting the word out about the yard sales.

We're running an ad in the City Paper and on their website.
Set up and populated this blog to build excitement and inform shoppers
The yard sale is posted on the WTOP Funformation Calendar
We've been posted on a vareity of local blogs (Stop, Blog and Roll, Best of Washington, DC)
We're on the Washington DC events calendar.
We ran an online ad in the Washington Post*.
An ad was placed on the DC Craig's list.
Ran a story in Brookland Heart Beat.
Sent yard sale invitations, fliers and maps to local churches.

We'll be pushing to get some more local media coverage next week as the event approaches.

Remember, you don't need any permission to run an ad, put up a flier, tell a friend, coworker or others about our event. The success will hinge on our many small efforts rather than the centeralized efforts here at the Blog.

Keep getting the word out, post some signs! Keep up the good work!

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